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Banner image of demo producer and VO Buzz Weekly host Chuck Duran

Making a Demo That Rocks!

I consider Chuck Duran of Demos That Rock to be the greatest living demo producer out there, he’s literally the guy who makes it happen for many of us. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two of my demos done with Chuck, and I intend to do many more with him in the future. I always tell my students when it comes to ...
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HiDef Mic with blurred background

My 10 tips for How to Become a Voice Actor

Many people have asked me simply, “How can I become a voice actor?” and there is no simple switch to make it happen. However, there are key tips and tricks that can help you be more successful in your endeavors.
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Picture of Steve Blum at the Mic in front of a wide booth window with several people at computers on the other side

The F Word Equation | Failure – Fear = Freedom|

Let’s talk about the F words which are too often shunned by society - Failure and Fear. These emotions are a natural part of daily life and are usually associated with negative connotations, though I promise you they are each powerful teachers that can allow you to be a stronger person. In fact, you can’t succeed ...
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Steve Blum with Piddle the dog on his lap both looking out in the distance


If you’re reading this in the spring of 2020, you’re also currently experiencing one of the most unique and trying times in our history. If you’re reading this in the future, a) I’m glad you survived and b) I sincerely hope you’re better for it and that you used this time to expand rather than to contract. As I write this, it’s about 5pm pst, Friday, March 27. We’ve officially been on lockdown in California for a . . .
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Celebration isn’t something we normally associate with learning how to be a voice actor, but a year ago I dedicated an entire class to it. It’s something that’s easily passed over when you’re working hard to build a career, and sometimes it’s even completely forgotten! Here at Blumvox Studios, we have a lot to celebrate. Our original goal was ...
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Voice actor and director Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler- Acting, Failing, and Overcoming Fear

Charley Adler: I didn’t start out as a voice actor, I started as an actor in the theater in New York. I would wake up in the morning, do 2 radio spots, shoot a commercial, make it to the theatre and then go sing in a club that night, then be flown out to LA to screen test for something. There was no label, I was just an actor. Then, around 1983, when I started coming out to LA ...
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Banner image of voiceover agent Larry Riess

How Do I Get An Agent?

As part of our new Special Guest Voiceover Teaching Series, we brought in Larry Reiss, from my Agent’s Office - Arlene Thornton & Associates. Arlene has been my Agent for the better part of 15 years and Larry has vast experience in casting, engineering and directing. Larry has been a ...
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Voiceover artist and instructor, Steve Blum, speaking in a panel at Phoenix Comic Fest in 2018

Integrity and Taking Responsibility

There's one thing you'll figure out quickly when you decide to learn Voiceover. The voiceover business and the entertainment business in general can be wildly unpredictable. At times it seems like an endless marathon of hoops you have to keep jumping through, just to get noticed, let alone to thrive. This may seem counter-intuitive, but ...
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Text reading "Steve Blum Character Voices" with a cartoon mouth replacing the "V" of Steve

Marketing and Voiceover Jobs

Long before we had the internet, if we wanted to get a job in voiceover we had to market ourselves the “old-fashioned” way. At the time I got in it was all about submitting cassette tapes. Not long after that, it went to CDs, which you did if you wanted to get noticed. We paid A LOT in postage for mass mailings ...
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