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Marketing Yourself

Whether we like it or not, being a Voice Actor also means being a salesperson. The reality of this profession is that you’re marketing yourself every day.
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Collaborative Brilliance with Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown has had a successful on-camera career, but he continues to put himself in rooms with people like me, so during Class 78 at Blumvox Studios I asked him a few questions about...
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A.I. Can Kill Your Career!

If you know me at all, you know that I do my best to offer positive, useful information about the Voiceover Industry. Plain facts. No drama. But...
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A Cautionary Note for Aspiring Voice Actors

We live in a time of increasingly predatory online practices, and the Voiceover Teaching world is no different. Please protect yourself and your investment, by making sure you do...
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Banner of actor Anjali Bhimani with characters

Tipping Over Into Voiceover with Anjali Bhimani

Anjali Bhimani is a true triple threat. She comes to us from the world of theater, film and TV and has taken the gaming world by storm.
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Whose Role Is It Anyway?

It’s not your role unless you wrote it and/or own it. It’s a hard truth to swallow, especially if you’ve been playing a role for a while and even more so if fans love you doing it!
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Make a Living- Close-up picture of a Neumann Microphone with a blurred desktop computer in the background

When Am I Going to Make a Living Doing Voiceover?

“When am I going to make a living doing Voiceover?” It’s a question I see and hear often! Most seasoned VA’s will tell you the same thing as I will here.
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Red background painting of an animated charicature of Steve Blum screaming at a microphone

Vent Carefully

I’m often asked to record characters that scream, growl, roar, or simply speak very loudly.   In this blog I’m going to discuss what the effects of that are on the body, and why it’s important to be careful and look after your instrument.
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Tech and Tech- Steve Blum in the booth pointing down at his mic

Tech and Tech #3

Recorded October 2021 during the live Bonus Class offered to Teaching Series Members. Agents: "Is it okay to have more than one? I would like to have a local Agent and then look for one that’s out of state in another market."
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