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Steve Blum speaking at a panel at New York Comic Con

Before Voice Over Classes – Get Confident!

Before you ever even get into any of the technique or the performance aspect of voice acting, building your confidence is a critical thing you really need to be able to do. At the very least you need to have a game plan for how to manage yourself if that confidence is lacking and you have to perform anyway. When you’re learning how to become a voiceover artist, confidence is one of the fundamental things that can make or break you.
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Steve pointing over his shoulder at someone taking a risk in the ocean

Take a Risk! – A Voiceover Must!

My risk-taking journey began when I was a starving musician during the ‘80s, playing in an R&B band opening for heavy metal acts. As you might imagine that wasn’t going well, but I thought that’s what I really wanted to do. I wanted something different and exciting, and to me that was both of those things. I had to support myself, so ...
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Steve Blum in the studio with another voice actor gesturing to script

When it comes to Voiceover, Sometimes Failure Is Success!

If you ask any successful person in voiceover, they’ll tell you that they’ve failed way more than they’ve succeeded. In fact, if you don't fail how are you going to succeed? One cannot happen without the other, it’s like the dark side and the light side. They go hand-in-hand. I failed many times to get to this point. I'm probably going to fail again many times before ...
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Steve Blum at the microphone with red foam behind

Blum Room Excerpt – Questions from the audience on Steve Blum’s Voiceover Career and Life!

So I know a lot of you don’t have a chance to go to conventions or aren’t in my voiceover classes and I also know that a lot of you have questions for me. You often ask me on Twitter or email about my voiceover career and I just don’t have time to answer everything, so I thought this might be a nice format and allow me to give you guys a little shout out
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Steve Blum at the microphone making a silly face with red foam behind

The Vowel Movement Challenge – Vocal Warm-Up Exercises you can do Anywhere!

So we’re going to have some fun today! The whole idea of these vocal warm-up exercises is for us to get out of our box, to let go of the stuff that holds us back, to go back to the sandbox when we were little kids and nothing really phased us, back when we could be stupid and make goofy faces and we weren’t really judged, or at least we ...
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