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Photograph of a tree surrounded by bright green grass

Good Things Take Time!

Ahh, Nature. So many lessons it has for us! Another Summer has receded down here at the bottom of the world, and as it goes in Middle Earth (aka Sub-Antarctica)…. “Winter is Coming”…
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Person walking out of a tunnel into the light

Mind Your Business

Humans are curious by nature. We have an inherent desire to find out what is going on with the people around us. It’s not always a bad thing, especially if it means checking in on a friend...
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Competition- Two bison standing next to each other on a road with greenery in the background.

Don’t Compare, Compete!

Have you heard the reference to life as a “Rat Race”? It specifically refers to an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit (like when rats attempt to earn cheese, in vain). It’s commonly
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Competition image: Photo of three frogs practicing three different sports

Competition: You vs. You

As an actor, we often hear that auditioning is the job. Most of us spend about 90-99% of the time that we are actually acting doing auditions. Inherently, the premise of an audition is a competition between you and
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Healthy Competition- Light blue background image with silhouette of people helping each other up a mountain

Healthy Competition

Competition is what makes the world go round. It’s what gives birth to better. Without the contrast between “winning” and “losing” in life (whatever that looks like for each of us), we would never evolve!
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Green Means Go- Photograph of a green traffic light

Green Means Go

I’m noticing more and more that often in life, you just have to “go for it”. We all have those things that we keep saying we’d like to do at some point or that we should really start doing more. Of course there are sometimes financial or even...
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Red heart graphic made up of encouraging words over a white background

Can We Keep an Open Mind?

Here we are in the early twenties of the 21st Century, and it’s a really polarizing time to be on planet earth! Staying open-minded seems harder now than it’s been in living memory, and it’s a practice that calls us to task on a daily basis.
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Joy- Close-up photo of a smiling french bulldog with a grassy park blurred in the background

Joy? Check.

Something happens when you approach the age of 30, where you start looking for “life checkpoints”. Have I made it to such and such point in my life or become so and so? You attempt to analyze your life in some sort of quantifiable way.
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Renewal- Black and white stone floor with two green sprouts popping through the cracks


It’s Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and renewal and regeneration is on everyone’s mind. We’ve come out of a long, cold Winter once again (think Alaska if you’ve never visited the bottom of the World!).
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