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Red background painting of an animated charicature of Steve Blum screaming at a microphone

Vent Carefully

I’m often asked to record characters that scream, growl, roar, or simply speak very loudly.   In this blog I’m going to discuss what the effects of that are on the body, and why it’s important to be careful and look after your instrument.
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Tech and Tech- Steve Blum in the booth pointing down at his mic

Tech and Tech #3

Recorded October 2021 during the live Bonus Class offered to Teaching Series Members. Agents: "Is it okay to have more than one? I would like to have a local Agent and then look for one that’s out of state in another market."
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Steve Blum on Location - Remotely

Location Location Location!

One of the most common reasons people think they can’t succeed in Voiceover is:  “Where I live”. I can’t express how many times I’ve heard  “I wish I could get into Voiceover but I don’t live in the right place”,
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Grey Matters

I was lucky enough to spend an evening with the gregariously delightful Grey DeLisle Griffin. Enjoy this excerpt from Class 55, where Grey shared her life, wisdom, and lots of laughs, so that others might learn and grow.
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Banner of voice actor Jennifer Hale with popular characters

Hale and Hearty Wisdom with Jennifer Hale

The following is an excerpt from Class # 53 with the incomparable Jennifer Hale: On Change and Being Flexible- Steve: We often talk about the need to be flexible and to be able to constantly adapt in this business. How has work changed for you in a positive way during this time and do you think that that’s going to affect you moving forward?
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Tech and Tech Q&A banner with Steve Blum and purple background

Tech and Tech

There are a lot of different things you can do depending on how clever you are and how much room you have. You can build a little booth out of just PVC and moving blankets and that’s pretty effective if you don’t have too much ambient noise outside – like you don’t have a lot of people running around the house and dogs barking, things like that.
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Banner of voice actor Matthew Mercer with characters

Matthew Mercer: Critical Role and Mental Health

My mom wrote for Burt Reynolds productions, which is why my family moved to California in the first place. That show didn’t last too long though, and there were a lot of challenges for her from that point forward – a lot of projects that fell through. My dad was a gig musician, but his real job was an audio engineer for various companies.What inspired me was their example of creativity as a passion. As something that you can’t...
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50 Classes-Beyond the Vision_Steve Blum at the mic with sunglasses and a mask on

50 Classes: Beyond the Vision

Hey fam. So… we just completed our 50th class. A few years ago, to me and my partner Trina, Blumvox Studios was nothing more than a dream. Trina saw the vision, but to me it was a seemingly insurmountable, nebulous, foray into the unknown. After the first three decades in the business and almost 6 decades on the planet…
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Banner of voice actor LeVar Burton

Mastering the Story with LeVar Burton

Mastering the Story was the title of our 47th Class in my Teaching Series, and how appropriate it was to have a true Master of the Story - LeVar Burton - join us in class that night. Below is an excerpt from that well- spent time with a man who’s inspired me for decades - one filled with wonder, gratitude and insight from a Master Storyteller and a magnificent Human Being.
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