What Our Students Are Saying

Hear the triumphant voices of success as our students share their transformative journeys and insights gained through the academy.
5 stars

"A wonderful community!"

I can't express how amazing it is to know I am a part of a wonderful community who not only cares about helping you achieve your dreams with your voice but also, you as a person, your mind, your heart, your overall wellbeing. Thank you!
-Riccana J.
5 stars

"Thanks for putting this out!"

A demo seems like a very important but hard to approach part of any voice acting career. Thanks for putting this out to help with that.
-Zach D.
5 stars

"An amazing tool!"

Your classes have been an amazing tool so far Steve, I look forward to this next exercise!
-Dylan W.
5 stars

"A world changer!"

This is exactly what writers do to create characters. Thanks for this stuff. It's really a world changer.
-Thorn W.
5 stars

"So glad to have found you!"

Your approach is everything I've been looking for. Coming back to a creative career after a few decades, relearning to play is a big part of what I'm working on. So glad to have found you!
-Aminda C.
5 stars

"No more naysayers!"

Slowly but surely those naysayers living in my head are being overcome by Steve's sonorous voice. It's much nicer. 🙂
-Josh B.
5 stars

"A breadth of knowledge!"

So excited to be seeing more directors in this class! It is always a welcomed treat and a breadth of knowledge!
-Klayton W.
5 stars

"Your class has so much depth!"

It's so great you taught a class on this. I learned some mic technique in other classes but your class as always had so much depth! Thanks Steve!
-Nick R.
5 stars

"Full of wisdom!"

A spiritual and practical dialogue to listen to. Full of wisdom and advice that resonates. Thank you for the experience and hope for more in the future.
-Bryan P.
5 stars

"Puts so much in perspective!"

I watched this from start to finish, and honestly it really puts so much into perspective about what goes into the dubbing and ADR part of animation.
-Brian R.
5 stars

"Thanks so much!"

It’s so much fun trying out new accents and using different parts of the mouth that I’ve rarely (if ever) used. Thanks so much for this.
-Anthony M.
5 stars

"I STILL learned something new!"

Thank you for doing a class on the business side of VO. I've taken business VO classes in the past and I still learned something new from you.
-Jennifer L.

Interview with the Steves

Steve Maguire went from being a fan and voice acting hopeful to a student in Steve Blum’s Teaching Series and Live Coaching Classes to a working Voice Actor!

Steve talks to Steve about what he learned in Class and how it altered the trajectory of his Voiceover career – putting him on the path to success.

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