When Reality Bites, Let Yourself Cry


Just Cry

Feel it fully. Times suck right now and it’s hard. Let yourself be you in your feelings and don’t judge them. Some of us (most of us) were taught to suppress our emotions therefore causing us to be inauthentic.

Definition of Inauthentic: Lacking full reality or sincerity

It’s Not Our Fault

In-authenticity is learned behavior. We suppress our feelings and our tears. Somehow not crying is perceived as strength when it’s actually the opposite. It’s toxic to our systems when we hold the tears back. By doing so, we set ourselves up for dis-ease and illness while risking the loss of our authentic nature.

Crying is a powerful release and deeply healing for the mind, body and soul. It’s what makes us human. I have found that after a good cry, I feel better. It clears my mind so I can go about my day without feeling the heaviness that comes from suppressed emotions. I’d made the decision that my health wasn’t worth sacrificing because I feared what others may or may not think of me.

Quote- What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinions of other people-wayne-dyer

It’s the Rare Few…

… that truly let themselves be themselves. Those that see something we don’t. The ones that have  learned to manifest their chosen Realities and therefore live it for all of us to see. It’s so beautiful to witness…they take themselves on and consistently evolve, no matter what.

If we don’t feel our feelings fully, like all-the-way-thru (crying included), we become someone we’re not. It sets us up to lie to ourselves over and over again. It’s perpetual and often never stops. When we lie to ourselves, we lie to others – simple really.

Be Where You Are and Know It’s Okay

If you don’t have the words or even know how to make sense of the feelings you’re feeling, say that to yourself, and start there. Be where you are and know it’s okay.

Write your feelings down, or perhaps paint them, dance them, sing them, pray them, knit them, whatever you’d like, just start getting your feelings out and cry along the way. It’s the best release…

Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff speaks below about the healing power of tears and the wonderful health benefits from shedding them. I’ve followed her work for years and love her perspectives on life, especially for empathic people like myself. I feel compelled to share her work with you.

Feel Your Feelings Fully

It’s time to peel back the layers to get to the truth of us again. Feelings are fucking uncomfortable, that’s often why we seek to find “joy and happiness” synthetically. This is always temporary and never lasts. It’s also why we get addicted.

Feel your feelings fully and Know that each time you do, you get one step closer to your authentic self which in turn will bring you the joy and happiness that you deserve. It comes by simply being you. You’ll see as you become more and more yourself, you’ll have no need to lie anymore.

If Crying Is Just Plain Hard for You…

… envision a character that you could portray, one that you know has no problems feeling fully. This could be a wonderful practice for you, feeling on behalf of them. It’ll wake your body up to emotions and sensations again, especially if you’ve been closed down for weeks, months or years.


…build your own character/s and feel into them. The definition of cry is to utter inarticulate sounds, especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears. How perfect is that? We are a Voiceover teaching house after all, so why not build your humanity into all that you create.

If You Are Alone Right Now (Or Feel Alone)

For those of you alone in Quarantine that don’t have someone’s arms to fall into when you cry, embrace Mother Earth herself. She will carry you, I promise. You’ve just gotta put yourself somewhere in nature so you can begin to feel her again. Get in the water, bury yourself in the soil, or lay on the grass. That’s a great place to start, even if for five minutes. For you bold one’s out there, lay in the snow or hangout in freezing temps. That’ll wake you up, lol! It’s time to re-connect back to the truth of who you are. Mama Gaia will lead you there. She loves our tears and everything that comes with us.

May we cry into our authentic voices together…

~ Trina

Some Cool Offerings

Blumvox Studios is so much more than a Voiceover teaching house. We are a community. We are steeped in personal development and spirituality. We believe in people living their best lives and doing the deep inner work to get themselves there. Simply put, we are a Tribe of support, so come hang with us! With community comes invincibility.


I found this image @ Wow Pencils quite beautiful and wanted to share it. If you’re an artist and like to draw, check them out! They offer lessons.

Drawing of Tears in Eye



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Trina Watton

Trina Watton

Trina is co-founder and original instigator of Blumvox Studios. With a passion for vibration and sound, she discovered early on that she loved listening to people’s voices when they spoke or sang (and still does to this day). Having traveled with Steve to meet his fans and comrades, Trina witnessed something she never had before – his voice seemed to heal those that heard him. It was deeply profound for her and inspired a twenty plus year conversation to begin a school where Steve could teach others to do the same.

With over two decades of study in personal development and metaphysics, Trina sees the voice as a Healing Art that can be felt and experienced by all. She is honored to be part of a movement that supports those that are not only ready to step into their voices, but into their authentic truth as well.