Steve Blum’s 10 Tips

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Watch this video and see the common mistakes that classical training won’t teach, plus learn valuable insights you can take into every area of your life! 

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What I have received by taking these classes has been immeasurable, and I haven’t come across anything even remotely comparable yet at this value that includes this treasure trove of information.

Zac P.

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I’m restrictive when it comes to spending money because I don’t have enough to go around. However, after viewing your videos, I can say without a doubt that it was money well spent.

Justin J.

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Steve has created a unique Voiceover Training program for people who are serious about taking their voice acting career to the next level.

Once a month you get to be live in class with Steve and a special guest, learning tips and techniques that you won’t learn anywhere else!

You’ll also get 24/7 access to the recordings of EVERY class, including over 50 guest teachers. Even if you can’t join us live, you won’t miss a thing.

What You’ll Learn


The Business of Voiceover

Including time management, research, knowing your worth, marketing yourself, building your website, the right time to make your demo or get an Agent, and more…


The Practical Side

Learn about vocal care, discovering and playing to your strengths, taking direction, mic technique, efforts and reactions, auditioning, studio etiquette and more…


The Importance of Mindset

Learn how to build your confidence, handle (and learn from!) rejection, balance your life and your Voiceover career, and more…


Current Real-World Industry Info

The Voicemonkey Dispatch multi-media newsletter includes tips, tricks, exercises, observations and product recommendations that you can use NOW.


Bonus: “Tech & Tech” Class

100% Q&A time with Steve answering questions like: “How do I soundproof my space?,” “Is this USB mic good enough?” “How do I fix my audition in post?”     


LIVE perspective from the best in the world

Classes are taught Live via Zoom and include a ONE HOUR Q&A. Ask Steve or any of our Special Guest Teachers YOUR specific Voiceover-related question and receive an answer on the spot!

Watch live Classes with industry titans

Includes one live class with Steve and a guest speaker from the industry (other voice actors, directors, engineers, writers, etc.) per month.

What Our Students Say

About Your Teacher

Steve Blum

Best Known for his roles in:

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Best known as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Wolverine from X-Men shows and games, Zeb Orrelios from Star Wars Rebels, Tank Dempsey from Call of Duty, T.O.M. from Toonami and thousands more, Steve has traveled the world, inspiring others to pursue their passions and express their creative gifts. 

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“Most Prolific Videogame Voice Actor”

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Monthly Membership


*First month, then $149/month

  • LIVE monthly classes with Q&A – taught online from Steve’s studio
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  • Explore, learn, and elevate your skills in Voiceover and beyond!

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Per Year. *Regular price $1788. Save $596

  • LIVE monthly classes with Q&A – taught online from Steve’s studio
  • On-demand access to all past classes with over 50 Voiceover Legends
  • Steve’s dedicated classes on the practical, business, and mindset of VO
  • Members only multi-media newsletter
  • A supportive member community of other Voice Actors
  • Explore, learn, and elevate your skills in Voiceover and beyond!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a month there is a LIVE Class with Steve and a Special Guest, usually held on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Pacific Time. Every Live Class is recorded and all members have access to them in the archive, which are available to stream on demand. If there are more student questions after the 2 hour class, Steve records a follow-up video to ensure all questions are answered and that video also gets added to the related class archive page, which is available 24/7 to active students. Each month has a new class with new content and a new industry specialist, including award winning Actors, Directors, Casting Agents, Demo Producers, etc. There is over 200 hours of content and it’s growing each month!

Steve and special industry guests teach various classes on the practical aspects of Voiceover, including Warm Ups and Cool Downs, Mic Technique, Studio Etiquette, Cold Reading, Efforts & Reactions, Vocal Care, etc. There are practical exercises throughout the first 30 Classes, and our multi-media newsletter, The Voicemonkey Dispatch has exclusive member-only content and “homework” that includes practical things you can do to better your craft. Members also have 24/7 access to over 200 Hours of previous classes and content, plus our private community. It’s a full spectrum series of Classes that cover both the “inner game” mental and emotional aspects of the craft, and the “outer game” practical things you need to know as well.

If you haven’t seen it already we recommend you watch the free VO masterclass to get a better understanding of what and how Steve teaches. You can register for the free VO masterclass at

The Classes are for ALL levels of experience. They’re designed to provide tools and information to help you jumpstart and maintain a healthy place in the voiceover industry. They’re available to watch on demand and organized in such a way that you can begin at the start (with the basics of VO) or anywhere along the over 200+ hours of archived content. There is a wide variety of information covered (including how to find your unique voice!), though everyone has their own personal journey both in education and careers.

There is no official age limit for the classes, however we ask that the membership be purchased by an adult parent or guardian and that they be advised that some of the special guest classes within the archive (as well as the monthly live classes) feature explicit language. Beyond that, Steve’s Teaching Series is an “all-levels” class so we would be happy to have you!

There are two membership options available, monthly or yearly, and BOTH get access to ALL our content! Each Blumvox Studios Student Membership includes a monthly LIVE class with Steve Blum and other industry professionals. Members also have 24/7 access to over 200 Hours of previous classes and content, plus our member only multi-media newsletter, The Voicemonkey Dispatch.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you watch the Free Masterclass so you can get a better feel for what and how Steve teaches. You’ll learn some good stuff and you’ll get access to some Introductory Offers (including $50 off the first month, or a yearly membership for 20% off)! Go to the Free Masterclass at

If you choose a Monthly Subscription it will renew every month on the same day of the month. If you choose to go with a Yearly subscription it will renew the following year on the same day. You can cancel at any time and your access will continue through your paid through date.

Steve teaches the ins and outs of becoming a Voice Actor but that does not include actually producing a demo reel for his students. In fact, he and many other Actors will tell you to be VERY wary of courses that offer a demo as part of the course. It is SO important to only do demos when you are absolutely ready, it’s the topic of an entire class (Class #28 with Demo Producer Chuck Duran) because it’s vital to know what to include and what NOT to include. When you know and have that down, and you’re truly ready for a demo – it will be your calling card to the industry. So make sure that you’re ready and that you’re putting your absolute best foot forward. Also check out Steve’s blog from that class!

We have multiple students who have worked hard and have been paid for voiceover, though like college, most (if not all) institutions can not guarantee a job offer because there’s no way to know the student’s specific ability, skills, competency, or willingness to learn and practice. One thing to remember: the entertainment field has a high percentage of rejection – so you’ll need to audition a lot (and be sure to use audition best practices and techniques, too!). Even the greatest, most accomplished actors continually improve their skill set by taking classes to strengthen and stretch their talents!

Steve shares in his classes that you don’t need expensive equipment to start. Have you watched his Free masterclass yet? He shares some wonderful tips about this and more. While you’re learning the Art of Voiceover and practicing voices and doing assignments, you can often use a basic recording device (like your phone) to complete them. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to explore the next steps in equipment as appropriate for you and your journey. Check out his Recommendations page for equipment in various price ranges: , but again, this is not a requirement to get started learning VO!

This program is not accredited with any colleges or institutions so the GI Bill will not cover this program. This is not a certificate or diploma course and there are no grades or requirement for performance. You can learn at your pace and when it’s most convenient for you because everything is ultimately available 24/7 in our archives.

There are many successful voice actors that “started later”, including Steve who didn’t begin working full time in VO until he was 40! Check out this blog about how he got started He’s a great example of “It’s never too late to start”.

It’s easy to feel like you’re in the wrong place when you look at large-budget projects and see many of the same VAs or on-screen Actors, but there are a ton of local jobs in all markets that are always available – and the circumstances of 2020 encouraged and enabled a LOT of virtual productions! You might find the blog with Chuck Duran of Demos that Rock helpful. Chuck gives some great insights into how to position yourself well no matter where you are in the country (or the world!) to get work. From Steve: “If you’ve exhausted all the local avenues for work, and are seriously feeling the pull to move, it may be of benefit to relocate to one of the major cities for VO work, like LA, NY or Dallas. But PLEASE don’t do this before you’re ready and/or have a financial backup plan. For many years I worked several other jobs to support my VO habit. It takes time and hard work, so be prepared to do both, no matter where you live!”

Blumvox Studios doesn’t track that sort of thing because “being professional” can mean a variety of things to different people. Every person makes different choices about how they apply the lessons from the classes and how they make VA a part of their lives. Our classes provide tools and information to jump start and maintain a healthy place in the voiceover industry, offering valuable insight from Steve and his special guests. There is a wide variety of information covered that can be very helpful to “becoming a professional”, though Steve and BVS are more interested in our students’ growth, development, and advancement in their personal journeys both in education and careers than in measuring who becomes “successful”.

That said, we do have multiple students who have worked hard and have been paid for voiceover, and are celebrating many successes in the VO world.
Check out some of our testimonials at

If you’ve watched the free introductory masterclass you’ll know that Steve provides multiple insights, but this series of Voiceover Classes goes much deeper into industry learning and practices. Students have access to over 200 Hours of Classes, plus monthly LIVE classes with special industry guests. You can join for as low as $49.50 for your first month and try it out before committing further. Memberships can be canceled at any time and you’ll have access through your paid thru date.

There are plenty of places to learn things about this industry for free. The free info will generally not be compressed into deep, knowledge filled lessons with practices and specific tools, but with enough time investment, you’ll be able to glean some good information. Also, Steve’s free blogs include a lot of great insight and are available to anyone at

While there is competition in this field (like any field), there is also a lot of opportunity! Realistically, it’s not likely someone will immediately become the next Frank Welker (who spent years building his career), but everyone starts somewhere and there are many voice acting roles that can require hundreds of voices. The voice industry has many possibilities for those who are interested to explore. Remember, while there are obviously some incredible artists that have large resumes in the industry, they don’t and can’t do it all. We’ve also seen a recent trend in casting directors – who’re actively searching for NEW talent.

Our Teaching Studio is virtual, so all classes are globally accessible! LIVE classes are available online and our archives are also available 24/7 – so you can learn when the time best works for you. You’ll need an internet connection and a way to watch the classes (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). The LIVE classes are hosted through Zoom, so students need to download that app.

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