Product Terms and Conditions

Downloadable Products: Downloadable Products are for home use only.  These products may not be distributed or sold by any party other than Blumvox Studios Inc.

Physical Products: Purchases are non-refundable unless non-deliverable or defective.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions are non-refundable. You may cancel at any time through your “My Subscription” tab.  We recommend that you do not cancel until you are approaching your expiration date as you may be locked out of your membership. Be aware that cancelling either through the website or via paypal will stop payments from recurring and will end your subscription.

*Please be aware that this is a recurring subscription. In the event you decide to cancel your subscription please be mindful of your renewal date, if you cancel after that date (even if by 1 day) we will be unable to refund that month (though you CAN use it of course!).

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