Daily (right after morning coffee)

  • Test Sight speed
  • Test Landing pages and Checkout.
  • Check Sucuri malware report and firewall
  • Check wooCommerce Analytics

Weekly (by end of day Friday)

  • Check customer list and remove ‘fake’ customers
  • Check Google Console and Analytics
  • Update plugins if needed and then run the daily test list
  • Check plugins that can be turned off.

Monthly (prior to the Level 10 meeting, first Tuesday of the month)

  • Check SpyFu reports
  • Create a site heath report for the team
    • Console
    • Goggle Analytics
    • WooCommerce Report
    • SpyFu Report
    • Speed Test Report

New Product Testing

  • Review landing pages and product pages on as many devices as possible and follow all links. (as many staff possible should test)
  • Test shop pages
  • Test payment process
  • Review customer messages
  • Set up Automate Woo process as needed

Links and Forwards

  • When updating pricing or changing page names.
    • Search the site for related links and update.
    • Add 301 redirects as needed.
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