Let’s Have A Real Conversation



I want us to have a real conversation, one that opens us up to the Truth.

How are you? Let me ask that again… How are you REALLY? I’m asking from a real place, one that cares about the answer. Far too often when asked that very simple question, we respond with one or two words like “I’m fine” or “okay”. I experience it all the time when I’m out in the World.

So many of us have challenges that no one knows about because we keep them locked up inside. We pretend that all is well when really it’s not. On the flip side, many of us have wonderful things going on that bring great Joy, yet we’re afraid to share them because of all the turmoil and strife going on in the World. We dim our happiness for the sake of others so we don’t offend or hurt them. There’s almost a guilt in telling the truth (positive or negative), whether we are conscious of it or not.

We’ve been conditioned NOT to be real in our conversation. To lie to each other (and ourselves).

It’s been extremely intense globally over the last many months (years really). When we take that into consideration (on top of our own trials and tribulations) I think many of us have PTSD and don’t even know it. We are so used to being barraged with tragedy after tragedy via the news, social media, our communities and personal lives, that we go into a state of complacency. We do whatever we need to do to survive just to make it through another day.

Many of us have been conditioned to lie to each other (and ourselves). We don’t tell the truth and pretend that all is well OR we don’t know the truth because we haven’t taken the time to check-in with ourselves on a regular basis. Have you ever responded “I’m fine” with a knot in your throat, knowing you’re not “fine” but afraid of the consequence of telling the truth that you lie because it’s easier? I’ve been guilty of that many times throughout my life.

Do you feel offended sometimes when the one that asked you the question, “How are you?” didn’t notice the knot or even care to look at you in the eyes long enough to see the pain you’re in? Not only have we been conditioned to lie, we’ve also been conditioned to disconnect and isolate.

This is why the World is falling apart before our very eyes. When we are divided, one can conquer, when we are united, we are invincible! We watch it play out over and over and over again in movies, television shows and real life.

Let’s change the script.

Fear I’m Not Enough

You know what “fine” means to me in this day and age? Fear I’m Not Enough. Not enough to share the truth, not enough to tell our story, not enough to be real, not enough to express our emotions. Not enough to feel or just be fucking human with ALL of our quirks (thank you Charlie Adler for freeing up the F bomb at BVS). Each and every one of us is enough and it’s time to own it! (=

The true definition of fine is this: Of high quality. What happened to high quality conversation? What happened to high quality connection? What happened to high quality caring? How did we lose the meaning of such a beautiful word?

Answer: Conditioning

Let’s change the narrative and bring back a standard of high quality into all things that we do, especially our conversations. Let’s break free from the old conditioning, abuse and mind control that so many of us have fallen victim to and suffered from for millennia. I believe it starts with us feeling our feelings and emotions fully so we can communicate from an authentic place. If we are willing to be fiercely honest with ourselves, it gives us the capacity to be honest with everyone we come into contact with.

It’s Time for Us to Wake Up to the Truth

Let’s speak truth from our hearts. We need each other more now than ever, especially on this roller coaster called Life. It’s time for us to wake up to the truth of what it means to be fully Human in our darkness and our light. Not everything is as it seems. No one is EXEMPT from ups and downs, NO ONE. I don’t care how glamorous Hollywood makes life “look” it’s all a farce. There’s a dark underbelly to that “glamour” that’s come to the surface for all of us to see. Trust me, I’ve been around Hollywood most of my life and I’ve seen it first hand time and time again.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have watched how Hollywood has changed the landscape of our culture here. In my twenties, I’d dabbled in acting for a couple of years and found that it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed acting itself and even did a few commercials, but looking back, I often felt uneasy like something wasn’t right. I felt like I was being lied to constantly and felt an agenda underneath the glamour mask. It never sat well with me. Flash forward to today and I see the effects Hollywood has had on the World and quite frankly, I don’t like it.

The Truth of Who We Are in Sound, Vibration and Frequency

Steve teaches about finding our Authentic Neutral voice and how that’s the place for us to start from and anchor in. It’s home base. It’s the truth of who we are in sound, vibration and frequency. The more honest we are with ourselves, the more honest our voices become. When we express our feelings and emotions, our voices become clearer. The more we give ourselves permission to speak on the real, the stronger our voices become. The more we let ourselves be human, without judgment, the more beautiful our voices become.

It’s an always evolving, always unfolding sound as we do our inner work. I can hear and feel whether a person is being honest or not just by the sound of their voice. Authentic Neutral is a powerful teaching on a multitude of levels. It’s deep work and perhaps something I’ll cover on a much deeper level in my next blog.

We are a Community

Blumvox Studios is so much more than a Voiceover teaching house. We are a community, steeped in personal development and spirituality. We believe in people living their best lives and doing the deep inner work to get themselves there. Simply put, we are a Tribe of support, so come hang with us! With community comes invincibility. Life is precious. Let’s make the most of our Authentic Neutral voices while we still can.


Some Cool Offerings:

Steve has a wonderful meditation that is available here on our website. The music is written and accompanied by our dear friend Arielle:


If you’re interested and would like to read a holistic approach to PTSD, below is a Blog written by Anthony William, the Medical Medium:


*I’ve found Anthony’s work extremely helpful and supportive throughout the years.

Stay safe out there… Lots of love…


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Trina Watton

Trina Watton

Trina is co-founder and original instigator of Blumvox Studios. With a passion for vibration and sound, she discovered early on that she loved listening to people’s voices when they spoke or sang (and still does to this day). Having traveled with Steve to meet his fans and comrades, Trina witnessed something she never had before – his voice seemed to heal those that heard him. It was deeply profound for her and inspired a twenty plus year conversation to begin a school where Steve could teach others to do the same.

With over two decades of study in personal development and metaphysics, Trina sees the voice as a Healing Art that can be felt and experienced by all. She is honored to be part of a movement that supports those that are not only ready to step into their voices, but into their authentic truth as well.