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There are a lot of different things you can do depending on how clever you are and how much room you have. You can build a little booth out of just PVC and moving blankets and that’s pretty effective if you don’t have too much ambient noise outside – like you don’t have a lot of people running around the house and dogs barking, things like that.

Matthew Mercer: Critical Role and Mental Health

My mom wrote for Burt Reynolds productions, which is why my family moved to California in the first place. That show didn’t last too long though, and there were a lot of challenges for her from that point forward – a lot of projects that fell through. My dad was a gig musician, but his real job was an audio engineer for various companies.What inspired me was their example of creativity as a passion. As something that you can’t…

50 Classes: Beyond the Vision

Hey fam. So… we just completed our 50th class. A few years ago, to me and my partner Trina, Blumvox Studios was nothing more than a dream. Trina saw the vision, but to me it was a seemingly insurmountable, nebulous, foray into the unknown. After the first three decades in the business and almost 6 decades on the planet…

Mastering the Story with LeVar Burton

Mastering the Story was the title of our 47th Class in my Teaching Series, and how appropriate it was to have a true Master of the Story – LeVar Burton – join us in class that night. Below is an excerpt from that well- spent time with a man who’s inspired me for decades – one filled with wonder, gratitude and insight from a Master Storyteller and a magnificent Human Being.


In past blogs, I embraced the change and just took it in stride, using my trusty tools to negotiate it all. I made it through without too many scars, but these last several months in quarantine, it’s gone to an entirely different level…

What’s in Your Voiceover Toolbox?

As with any gig, creative or otherwise, having the right tool for the job can save you incredible amounts of time, stress and money. The thing is, you have to assemble them, learn to use them, and take care of them!

When Reality Literally Bites!

A couple of weeks ago I was bitten on the toe by a black widow spider. I had to go to the emergency room. My foot swelled up with infection to the point that I couldn’t wear shoes. Three days later I was stung by a bee. My thumb swelled up so big it was hard to hold anything with my right hand. That same week my Pro Tools began to freeze, my email stopped working properly and the bluetooth powering…

Making a Demo That Rocks!

I consider Chuck Duran of Demos That Rock to be the greatest living demo producer out there, he’s literally the guy who makes it happen for many of us. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two of my demos done with Chuck, and I intend to do many more with him in the future. I always tell my students when it comes to …

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