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Meet Steve Blum

Steve has created a unique Voiceover Training series for people serious about taking their voice acting career to the next level. Once a month you get to be live in class with Steve and a special guest, learning tips and techniques that you won’t learn anywhere else! You’ll also get 24/7 access to the recordings of EVERY class! Even if you can’t catch all of them live, you won’t miss a thing. Learn More

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Our Mission:

We’re more than voiceover acting classes.  Our mission is to educate, inspire, and provide a safe space for creativity, personal growth, and a sense of belonging through voiceover classes. Blumvox Studios supports people of all ages, all over the world to find their purpose, by tapping into imagination, unique potential, and individual greatness through the art of Voiceover.

Our programs are designed to inspire you regardless of your career path.  Learn More


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